Sunday, 13 July 2014

Giraffe Nail Transfers

I got some fab giraffe nail transfers for Xmas (see my Xmas Haul 2013 post for more pics!), so I thought they'd be great for some summer nail art.

They were really easy to use - you just cut them out and hold them in warm water for 20 seconds then the transfers slide right off the backing paper and you can put them straight on your nails. I sealed them in with a clear top coat, and the whole thing was super quick to do. I think they look really cute! They probably show up best on a white base, but they look pretty good on the brighter colours I picked too.

I thought nail transfers might be a bit fiddly, but they didn't cause me any grief at all so I'll defo use them again in future! If you've used any nail transfers, I'd love to see, so feel free to leave me your links.

Caz x

caz 'n' polish | Giraffe Nail Transfers
YRNails Giraffe Nail Decals
KIKO 338 Light Lavender
Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dotty Vintage Nails

I treated myself to a couple of new Barry M polishes this week, including a really pretty limited edition blue, so decided to use them in a mani together. I thought they'd look nice with a pinky red, so my nails ended up looking quite patriotic! I added a few dots to the blue accent nail to make it look a bit more interesting, and to give it a bit of a vintage vibe.

That's it really for this week - nothing fancy, but I thought it was a cute look. I went to a quirky new tea room in town yesterday, and I can confirm my nails fitted in just fine with their mismatched vintage look!

Caz x

caz 'n' polish | Dotty Vintage Nails

Barry M GNP28 Coconut & Boots A Bikini
OPI NLM14 I'm All Ears

Monday, 30 June 2014

Owl Accent Nails

This week I tried some owl nail art inspired by this post on SuPa Nails - I originally came across it on Pinterest and thought it looked awesome! I didn't have much time, so I just painted owls on a couple of nails. I also adapted the design slightly, using little dots as well as hearts and not using rhinestones. I think the design looks better on wider nails than mine (mine are so narrow!), but I thought it was pretty cool anyway!

Caz x

caz 'n' polish | Owl Accent NailsHow-To!

1. Paint your nails with two coats of your background colour. It's easiest to use a colour which is paler than the colours you'll be using for the owl, as it makes painting over it easier - I used a sky blue.

2. With a pink polish, create the owl's face about a third of the way down the nail by using a large dotting tool to paint two blobs then joining them together using a small brush. Make the join smooth across the bottom of the face but leave the two distinct blob shapes at the top, so it looks a bit like the top of a heart.

3. Use the pink polish and a small brush to paint on small oval shapes above the face to create the ears.

4. To create the wings, paint a pink heart each side below the face. To do this, paint two blobs next to each other with a small dotting tool, then drag them down to make a point in the middle.

5. To create the owl's middle, use the same technique to paint three hearts in a purple polish - one in the middle below the face then two each side underneath.

6. To make the design more detailed, use a small dotting tool to paint tiny purple dots between the purple hearts to give the illusion of more feathers.

7. Use a dotting tool to apply two dots for eyes on the owl's face.

8. Add pupils to the eyes using a black nail art pen.

9. With a small brush, paint a yellow triangle on the owl's face to create the beak.

10. Finish with a glossy top coat to seal in the design and smooth out the surface.

Barry M 66 Matt White & 306 Blueberry Ice Cream
Models Own NP158 Pukka Purple, Virgin Vie Pink
Beauty UK Yellow, Barry M Black Nail Art Pen

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Holo Striping Tape Mani

My hair is currently an insane shade of pink, so I needed some nail art that wouldn't clash with it this week! I decided on a silver holo and dark grey striping tape mani as I thought it would look good but not overshadow the awesomeness that is my hair. If you'd like some instructions on how to create this kind of mani, see my neon striping tape mani blog post from last year!

Caz x

caz 'n' polish | Holo Striping Tape Mani
GOSH 549 Holographic Hero
KIKO 382 Pearly Gunmetal

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Purple Galaxy Nail Art

caz 'n' polish | Purple Galaxy Nails Close-UpI realised recently that the last time I tried galaxy nail art was in 2012! I like to think I've improved a bit since then (well, my camera certainly has!) so I thought it was high time I had another go. This time, I've used purple as my base colour rather than black, to create a slightly different look. I also added a couple of stars to make it a bit more interesting. Instructions are below in case you fancy trying it yourself.

Caz x

caz 'n' polish | Purple Galaxy Nail Art
caz 'n' polish | Purple Galaxy Nails

1. Paint your nails with two coats of a dark purple polish. I used a polish with a subtle glitter in it to make it a bit more space-like (because everyone knows space is glittery).

2. Roughly cut up a makeup sponge into small pieces, roughly 1cm across in size. You'll use each of these for applying a different colour polish.

3. Use a piece of makeup sponge to apply some smudges of white polish at an angle in the middle of the nail to create the rough shape of your galaxy. Always use this white first as it will provide a base to layer the other colours on top of.

4. Use more bits of sponge to apply thin layers of pink, pink shimmer, then darker pink around the edges.

5. With more sponge, add a thin layer of a pale duochrome polish to blend the design, then add a few lilac glitter highlights.

6. Use a thin nail art brush to paint a couple of star shapes on with a white polish.

7. Lightly sponge some of the pale duochrome polish on top of the white stars to give them a shimmery finish so they don't stand out quite so much.

8. Finish with a glossy top coat, as the sponging can leave the nail with a slightly rough texture.

Rimmel 610 Pompous & 400 Starlet
China Glaze 1011 Flying Dragon
Barry M 66 Matt White, Nails Inc Walton Place
Models Own NP133 Indian Ocean & NP148 Southern Lights

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mixed Pastels Nail Art

This week I grabbed a load of summery pastels and used striping brushes and dotting tools to create this nail art. I took my inspiration from daisies, bubbles and ice cream! I didn't use any fancy techniques for this mani, but I think it's one of my favourite ones that I've done recently.

Caz x

Barry M 66 Matt White, 354 Amethyst Glitter & 146 Lilac Foil
KIKO 298 Turquoise Microglitter & 338 Light Lavender
Beauty UK Yellow, Etude House #4 Strawberry Stars Candy
Constance Carroll 365 Pastel Green, Barielle 5142 Pink Quartz, Essie 477 Exposure

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Green and Gold French Tip Nails

I went to the wedding of a couple of uni friends at the weekend, so I needed some classy nails to match with my outfit. My dress was a green lacy number, and I wore it with gold ballet pumps (I hate wearing heels!). Luckily, A England's Dragon polish was a perfect colour match for my dress, and I teamed it with Barry M's Gold Foil effect polish. I thought a simple French tip style mani would be nice and not detract from the lace detail on the dress.

Have you been to any weddings recently? What nails did you do?

Caz x

Barry M 320 Gold Foil Effects
A England Dragon
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